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Wow, you guys are awesome. I love not only the outpouring of love and support for the us, but also how Crios has inspired you all – it seems this won’t be our last giveaway from the community, for the community. So, who won the Humble Bundle?

We ran all your names (after removing our own) and multiple comments through, and someone certainly has been doing something right:

Winner 1

Congratulations Trevor – you are the winner of our very first community sponsored give away! Well done. Thanks to everyone else for your comments. We will be taking your requests and advice on board, although must of you just did the “keep doing what you’re doing” thing. So, we will. You can expect monthly get togethers, and bi-weekly community play events. Also, we will try to let you know when we’re planning on playing some multiplayer games outside of those times – you are always welcome to play with us. For example, I will be playing some L4D2 tonight as part of my attempts to get over my awful motion sickness from FPS. Geoff’s prescription of suffering through until my brain adjusts does seem to be helping. I can’t promise I’ll be playing it for long this evening, but if you see me on Steam, feel free to join.

If you have any games you want to gift, or bundles, or beach houses, please feel free to contact us – we really enjoy this community banding together thing. At least, it makes me happy – now I don’t have to play multiplayer games with creepy strangers – I can play with fun (and maybe creepy) people I sort of know.

Last Updated: January 17, 2014

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