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Winner of the Reviewer Competition

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By Philip Dunkley

As everyone knows, we posted a story a while ago asking for reviewers to send submissions into the site for us to have a look at, as we are looking for a new reviewer. We then went through all these submissions, and narrowed it down to two guys, namely Brett and Werner.

We then asked you guys to judge there different reviews, and give us your vote, and we went through these as well.

Firstly, I would like to say well done to both of them, as we put them under some serious pressure by giving them 2 games each, to review in a day and a half, and although there were a few mistakes and missed story lines, I was quite happy that we had chosen these 2.

We then did all the in-detail analysis, as we do here at LazyGamer, and came down to a decision. And what a decision it was. We were supposed to announce the results yesterday, but we have been discussing this since the weekend, and finally we came up with an Winner:

Congratulations to Werner Dohse, he will be joining the team ASAP, so keep a look out for his work. We have also taken your comments into consideration, and will chat to him around these, and make sure the stuff you want to see is provided.

To Brett, your reviews were also fantastic, but there is always only one winner, but we will be in contact anyway…….

We will also announce the winner of the Figurine tomorrow morning…………..

Last Updated: July 15, 2008

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