Wired's Top 10 Most Disappointing Games is disappointing in itself, and wrong

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Wired is doing it all wrong
Wired is doing it all wrong

On the 12th of December, Wired posted their top 10 most disappointing games list. This list included Age of Conan, Spore (which deserves every bit of hate thrown at it) and Prince of Persia. Some of the titles listed are understandably disappointing, like Age of Conan which from what I have heard had a lot of problems for a ‘WoW-killer’.

Also, some games people just didn’t quite get like Mirror’s Edge (look out for that full review in the New Year) which has it’s polarising mechanics, like the combat. Prince of Persia is another wonderful example of people missing the point of the game. Yes it’s too easy, but its a staggeringly beautiful game that shows hours upon hours of intricacies woven into a game to make it moving art.

Its this kind of list that perpetuates the notion that gamers and critics only want games they know or meet their every expectation as an entertainment medium. People scream for new IP, then moan when it isn’t exactly what they wanted. Of course the game is going to have its flaws, but the brilliance of the execution in most of the game can make up for that.

All three of EA’s high profile new IP titles are on this list, which must be frustrating for EA as they have sunk a lot of time and effort into creating something completely new or a different take on an old idea. The combat in Mirrors Edge is horrid, but the free-running is exhilarating and that is the aspect to enjoy, while simply putting up with the combat to get back to the awesome part. While Spore failed dismally at doing what was promised, atleast it was a fresh idea on an old concept that did breath life into a dying genre. Yes, people (including myself) did moan about it, but at its core was an attempt at something different, surely that deserves some credit?

This post has gone onto a complete tangent, so its encouraged that the gamers try the new IP’s and see for themselves if they can get what was trying to be achieved. If a gamer’s expectation is not met, for example, then perhaps that specific expectation was ridiculous to begin with.

Source: Wired

Last Updated: December 30, 2008

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