Witcher 3 decapitations are artistic license

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Artistic license

The Witcher 3 is looking cool. Last week we got a new trailer, but we also got this gameplay walkthrough that showed some rather gory finishers. Of course, the internet had to rise up to say how inaccurate those decapitations were.

You just can’t make people on the internet happy. However, that doesn’t seem to get CD Projekt Red down. Breaking the laws of physics in decapitations? Well, that’s how it should be:

Realism eh? Like shooting fire from your hands, undead spirits and giant lionbird monsters that fly? I know that is kind of a pissy argument because there is some “willing suspension of disbelief” that goes into a fantasy game and some elements of reality help keep things grounded. However, there is also artistic license and we like taking a few liberties for the sake of good visuals.

Heads will roll.

People wouldn’t let up, though. Talking about how the heads should fall instead of fly/roll and the importance of physics. Too bad CD Projekt Red already thought of that:

Sure, I get that. It is not 100% physics accurate. It is a visual done for the sake of looking cool rather than accurate. Not everyone will enjoy it, but that is how it is.

[…] Again, and for the last time, the head flies because we like that it flies.

I like that the head flies. Yes, games need enough realism to make worlds seem alive and for elements to interact with each other in cool and believable ways. Grounding a game in some reality is important, but it’s cool to make things look epic, too. I love the decapitations, even if they’re all a lie. Besides, if I’m willing to believe that Geralt can do half the things that he manages in the game, I think I can suspend my disbelief for impressive decapitations.

Last Updated: April 13, 2015

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