Wolfenstein NOT a WWII Shooter

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Many gamers understandably have had their fill of WWII shooters, thanks largely to market-oversaturation (Here’s looking at you, Treyarch!). In light of that, Wolfenstein creative director Eric Biessman wants everyone to know that it is not – despite all appearances – a WWII shooter. I am not, despite all appearances, an alcoholic.

“There’s a lot to be excited about in Wolfenstein! The core gameplay of Wolfenstein is based on fast-action, visceral combat and heavy-duty firepower. Looking deeper at the game, you see that it’s set in a very compelling universe. While the game is set in WWII, it’s not a WWII game – that’s like saying the Indiana Jones movies are WWII movies”

With promises of occult dealings, dark science and over-the-top beam weapons, the new take on Wolfenstein may indeed be something to get excited about.

Source : VG247

Last Updated: April 7, 2009

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