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Wolfenstein pulled from shelves in Germany – Not yet banned

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As you most probably know all games that portray Nazi symbolism have to go through a cleansing process before they are allowed to be released in Germany, apparently the Germans don’t like to be reminded of their not so glorious past.

Anyway the big news this morning is that a few swastikas were missed in the Wolfenstein cleanse and as such the game has been pulled from shelves in Germany and Activision are busy doing the numbers now to see if it will be re-patched and re-released.

Honestly I think they would be out of their mind putting any money into an extra cleanse now as they have already reaped the benefits of the initial releases and while the game isn’t bad it hasn’t set the world on fire so I wouldn’t expect that many more sales for it.

But then again it may be a cheap fix and they may want to save their German face or something, either way the German government hasn’t banned it so any DLC shouldn’t be an issue for us.

Onto something completely different, apparently in Germany they are also a little squeamish to blood and mutilation as you can see from the comparison screenshot above from Wolfenstein.

Now is it only me or is the German version of a dead soldier on the right just that little bit more freaky than the decapitated corpse on the left?

Source: Gamasutra

Last Updated: September 24, 2009

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