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Wolfenstein’s been pirated…a lot.

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Bethesda and Machine Games’ Wolfenstein: the New Order is pretty excellent stuff, meshing old-school ideas with modern ones in a way that actually works. It’s jumped to the top of sales lists the world over, which is great for a shooter that took the brave decision to excise multiplayer. It’s also being pirated like madness, despite weighing in at nearly 50gb.

According to tracking site TorrentFreak (via VG247), the game has been downloaded over 100 000 times on torrents alone. Who knows how many have been illicitly acquired through those other underbelly file sharing and download services.

And those people who’ve been downloading the game without paying for it have been complaining about its size. It’s especially important for people who use torrents, because they’re busy uploading while they steal games.

“38 hours later I finally finish my download and have uploaded 122.15 GB,” said one pirate.

“43GB? holy fuck,” exclaimed  another.

“I have to uninstall like 10 games to play this shit!!” added one last software-stealing miscreant.

Funnily enough, the game’s gargantuan size has actually deterred a fair number of would-be pirates.

“I was gonna get this torrent but I saw the size and how long it would take me to download it, I said fuck it I’m getting it from Steam,” said one user. “Took me 2 hours to download 40GB including the day one update.”

“43GB, the hell? No thanks, guess I will buy this when the price drops to £29.99,” said another dodgy file-sharer.

The game is good, and it’s worth buying. It might have been even better if it was a 2nd person shooter.

Last Updated: May 28, 2014

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