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Wolverine can suck it, as Deadpool finally gets his own game

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I finally managed to sell all my old super hero comics...I feel Marvel less.

There are heroes out there, comic book icons who strive to be a shining example of morality and goody two-shoesiness for the population, selfless vigilantes who are prepared to do the right thing, even if it costs them everything. Deadpool is not one of those heroes. Hell, he doesn’t even classify as a human being most days, as the merc with a mouth has just been revealed as the star of his own upcoming game.

Deadpool has all the markings of your classical delusional nutcase, such as:

  • A penchance for violence
  • Frequent inner conversations
  • A love for Bea Arthur
  • Expert assassin, swordsman and gunslinger
  • Constant breaking of the fourth wall
  • No moral compass whatsoever

Put all of that together into one expertly trained killing machine who can also heal quicker than a Call of Duty health bar, and you’ve got a repulsive, sick, sadistic and humouros individual. The perfect material for a video game, in other words.

High Moon Studios has been tasked with bringing the crimson nutcase to life, alongside his crude humour and squabbling inner voices. Nolan “All the voices” North is reprising his role for the game, as he happens to have voiced the character before in animation and several other games.

Guns, swords, violence and bad humour, all combined into one unstable assassin who may have just commited suicide by telling Wolverine to go suck it? I’m pretty damn excited for this game now.

Last Updated: July 16, 2012

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