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Woman Pwns Dog With WiiMote – Hard

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An American woman and her daughter were enjoying a night of Wii-Sports Bowling when the woman achieved an unexpected strike of a different sort.

As she was motioning forwards to bowl, their little family dog jumped in front of her and managed to get itself severely clocked in the pip by the Wii-Mote. Apparently, the dog was dead but in a panic the woman called the neighbour to help. The dog was given mouth to mouth by the neighbour and believe it or not, came back to life.

The dog has now been banned from the living room when the Wii is in use, probably not a bad idea and an idea that the dog itself will be quite fond of.

Video after the jump.

Either way, thank goodness it wasn’t a small child. Some of the incidents that have come out of playing the Wii are just downright scary. Over the recent holidays, I got to sit back and marvel as my parents tried the Wii out and loved it in seconds, although they seem hell-bent on swinging their arms around as much as humanly possible, so I kept my distance.

Source: SlashGamer

Last Updated: January 13, 2009

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