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Work Avoidance – Track & Field

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What’s this, a Work Avoidance article, not on a Wednesday? Correct! You see, often at Lazygamer HQ, we come across a cool little game that’s perfect for some casual play at the office, but we don’t end up writing about it because, well, it’s just not Wednesday.

And then we thought, why? Why should skimping on work take place on just one specific day of the week? It should happen all the time, because REASONS!

So here we are, with a surprise game to distract you from whatever the hell you’re doing right now. As you may have gathered, we selected it due to a certain sporting event that’s taking place over in Brazil (spoiler: Rio 2016).

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I have many fond memories of playing Hyper Olympics in my youth. Hell, I poured a lot of time into it even when I was a lot older, thanks to the power of emulators.

For some reason though, the version I found online doesn’t seem to work too well (at least not for me anyways), so I’ve decided to go with a pretty much identical game instead – Track & Field (which you can play at this link). The only core difference that comes to mind is that it has dropped the hammer throw event in favour or three more; triple jump, skeet shooting, and archery.

Track & Field also allows players to choose whatever event they would like to participate in first, which is quite nice. If you’ve played Hyper Olympics before, you’d know that progressing through them one by one can be a right chore.

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It also requires a keen finger, one that can tap at the speed of light. And precise timing of course – you gotta aim for that sweet 45° spot! Except when it comes to high jump. To this day, I still don’t know exactly how that damn event works.

Anyways, let us know how it goes. Grab a colleague or three, and let the games begin. Be sure to let us know what your best results are!

Last Updated: August 18, 2016

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