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Work Avoidance Wednesday: Boom Town

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Did you ever wish that you could blow up the whole world on a quest for gold and gems? Want to also build houses, schools and bars in a bid to make even more money? Then do I have a game for you!

Boom Town is all about joining the gold rush and getting rich by carefully, or dangerously, using high explosives. The game has a fairly simple loop: you buy explosives, blow up the plots, drive around and collect the gold, and use the proceeds to build your town and buy more explosives.

Boom town 1

However, the game also gets more complicated. Just like in real life, the price of gold can fluctuate. As a result, you might choose to upgrade your vault to store a whole bunch more gold so that you can hoard it until the price is right and make the most of your profits. Other upgrades include getting a larger gas tank for your truck so you can pick up more gold before running out of fuel, or expanding your drop zone so that you don’t have to drive as far to drop off your spoils.

Boom Town 2

But it’s not just about getting all the gold. you need to build a booming town, which mean adding in buildings to attract people to your settlement. From houses and schools to bars and hospitals, it’s all about making your area more appealing and eventually making your town boom. Part city tycoon, part business and upgrade game with a bunch of mining and thrown in for good measure, Boom Town is an addictive mix of a range of genres.

Last Updated: November 26, 2014

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