Work Avoidance Wednesday – Decision 2

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How nice would it be if you could drop everything you’re doing right now to grab a nice cup of coffee and stretch those cramped legs of yours? Just listen to those birds sing! Do you want to go outside and build a snowman? Sadly, I know you can’t – your boss is probably the kind of person that considers sunshine and freedom a force of evil. Well, here’s your chance to waste valuable company time as an act of revenge. Welcome to this week’s Work Avoidance Wednesday!

Today’s game is called Decision 2. Now now, don’t run off thinking I’ve chosen some moral choice simulator, because it’s the complete opposite. Decision 2 is a top-down, zombie shooter… thing. You can play it on Kongregate or Armorgames.


The premise is simple: you undertake missions ranging from cracking open warehouses, to defending/capturing towers. Completion of each rewards cash which can go toward buying new weapons, or unlocking some extra perks or upgrades. As time goes, you become a much stronger force to be reckoned with, but so do your foes.


There is no sort of ammo management to worry about. If you have a weapon, you can spray freely. Just make sure you keep your distance! Being swarmed can happen in the blink of an eye.


I know you’d look like an idiot pretending to work while your fingers are glued to WASD, and that’s where Decision 2 has your back. There is a control scheme that relies solely on the mouse. It takes some getting use to, but works quite well otherwise.


Well, there you have it; a quick way to kill boredom AND stick it the company at the same time! Thankfully, your game progress does get saved, so you can play Decision 2 for the next week or more if you’d like. YOU’RE WELCOME!

Last Updated: April 22, 2015

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