Work Avoidance Wednesday: Final Fantasy

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Why yes, it is the middle of the week, plus we’re in the midst of a killer heat wave here in Joburg. There’s only one thing to do, avoid doing any work, find a cool spot in from the air-conditioning and relive the original retro glory that is Final Fantasy.

That’s right, thanks to the glory of emulation, you can now play the original Final Fantasy that started it all right in your browser. I think my favourite part about this is just listening to that amazing soundtrack. Nobuo Uematsu was a genius, even with the limited resources available during the NES generation.

FF 1

Be warned, like most retro games, this one doesn’t hold your hand. In fact, I recently had to advise our friend our evil competition from a rival site, Dawid how to get into the town as compared to the castle in order to rest at the inn and buy spells. There aren’t any exclamation marks above NPCs’ heads and you will need to figure things out for yourself, but geez is it worthwhile.

Pro-tip, if this is your first time playing, you will probably want a party comprised of a fighter, black belt, white mage and black mage. Sure, you could get through the game with a different party, but it won’t be easy. Even with the ideal party this game is a challenge that stole far too many hours of my time as a little girl.

FF1 battle

What I find so astounding is how I remember the storytelling and gameplay from Final Fantasy even all these years later. Sure, the game is incredibly dated now, but certain core features live on and I will never forget the joy of becoming an adult in the game and finally getting an airship. It makes me a bit too happy to see where it all started – I remembered loving this game on NES; it was one cartridge that was never hard to find in my collection because I replayed it so often.

Now, I’m getting excited for Final Fantasy XV. Perhaps my mom was right all those years ago and this is one franchise that I’ll be playing until I’m a crazy old lady.

Last Updated: October 7, 2015

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