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Work Avoidance – MiniDOOM

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MiniDOOM 2

I don’t know about you, but I’m really, really, really not keen for Monday this week. I did the warrior race yesterday (along with Alessandro and that other bozo, Guild), and I want nothing more than to go and climb back into bed to rest my beaten body.

Unfortunately I can’t because Geoff will murder me and there’s work to be done. What I can at least do is ease the day along to its conclusion with a nifty gaming distraction. Care to join me?

Today we’re playing a classic, but with a twist (via PC Gamer). How does a spot of side-scrolling Doom sound?

MiniDOOM is very short parody game based on the classic game DOOM 1.  We created it as part of a game programing course we gave over here to show how to make a simple platformer on GameMaker Studio

Well, that’s two birds with one stone I suppose. Not only can you skimp on work by playing a game, you can actually learn how to make one if you follow the links in the blurb above. Now thats productivity!

Anyhow, MiniDOOM functions exactly how you’d expect it to. You fill the role of a marine whose sole purpose is to fight his way through a base filled with all sorts of horrors. The difference this time around is that you’re doing it in 2d.

MiniDOOM is every bit chaotic as the game it takes inspiration from. The first level is easy enough – an enemy here and there. As you proceed through the base though, the numbers escalate monumentally, and it becomes a real battle for survival.

Unfortunately, MiniDOOM is not playable through the browser itself. At just under 11mb, The download is small at least (you can grab the files on Dropbox). If you can get it to download and run at work, you’re in for a perfect bite-sized distraction. If not, I’d suggest bookmarking the page to play the game when you get home. It’s short, but fun!

Last Updated: November 21, 2016

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