Work Avoidance Wednesday: Kingdom Rush

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The latest and greatest Kingdom Rush is launching this week. All of us are extremely excited to play Kingdom Rush Origins, happily throwing our money at Ironhide Games. However, we know that not all of you know what we’re talking about, so here’s your chance to see why we love this title.

Kingdom Rush is available as a flash game, too. But what makes it so special? Well, a variety of things.

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First of all, we have some really clever level design, forcing you to make tactical decisions. With four types of buildings, you need to decide if you will build archers, warriors, mages or artillery. Of course all of these can be upgraded and eventually lead to branching paths and all kinds of extras. However, by only providing particular building areas, it ensures that players can’t just spam the map full of all kinds of towers.

Kingdom rush 3

There are also some extra achievements or activities, such as fishing, killing random other creatures or even freeing Sasquatch.

Then there are the extra challenges. After completing a level, you can get extra points for completing it with certain restrictions. This forces us to rethink our tactical approaches and maybe even reshuffle our upgrade points. Every single one is possible, although they may be rather difficult.

Kingdom rush 2

Then there is the fantastic design. With excellent sound effects, music and art design, Kingdom Rush because such a joy and a, um, rush to play. Can you stop all the invading monsters? Will you use all the magic at your disposal, or can you get it done with faith in your soldiers alone?

Are you convinced yet? You only have a couple days to finish the first two entries in the franchise before Origins launches.

Last Updated: November 19, 2014

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