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Work Avoidance Wednesday – Tetris

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Level 1 EZ

Are you stuck sorting out reports and filing them in an old grey cabinet? Spending some time stacking folders neatly on your desk perhaps? Maybe you’re doing the mundane like, I don’t know, refilling the staples in a stapler efficiently? Regardless… you’re wasting your time! You could be putting those skills to much better use. Where? In a game of Tetris of course – our game of choice for today’s Work Avoidance Wednesday!

Who can say no to this classic block title? I certainly can’t! Ever since I wrote that Tetris piece on Monday, I’ve been sucked into playing the game in my browser. I’ve tried several versions, and after much stacking of neat lines, I think I finally found the perfect one – on the official website of all places (yeah I should’ve looked there in the first place). It’s the real deal, and even comes equipped with a funky remix of the catchy Korobeiniki tune!

Level 4 hmmm ok a little more difficult

If for some reason you were born this morning and have no idea how to play Tetris (literally impossible), let me bring you up to speed. Each game starts out with a blank stage where variations of geometric shapes composed of four squares (tetrominos) fall from the top consistently. It’s up to you to rotate and place them to create neat lines without any gaps. Doing so will make those lines disappear, and make more room to do it again, and again, and again.

Level 6 STAHP

The first few levels are easy. As the game progresses however, the tetrominos begin to fall faster, forcing the player to do some quick thinking as to how to place them effectively. Plot spoiler: it can get effing hard! Just look at the predicament I got myself into below…


Yeah I didn’t last much longer. 39 394 is the score I got on my first attempt. Can you do better? Prove it!

Last Updated: July 8, 2015

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