Work Avoidance Wednesday: The Impossible Quiz

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A horrible, freezing cold has gripped the country and I have just the solution to help everybody overcome it. Today’s Work Avoidance Wednesday is guaranteed to warm the body up in one of two ways; the cogs in everyone’s brain will work furiously, and thus heat up the rest of their body, or there’ll be uncontrollable rage… and we all know rage equals spontaneous heat. Trust me, I’m a (fake) scientist!

Have you ever played or heard of The Impossible Quiz? It’s a flash game that made the rounds a few years ago. It popped into my head earlier this week, and for some reason, I really want you all to play it. It’s not because I enjoy watching you all suffer. Promise!

The premise is simple: answer all 110 questions in the quiz correctly to win the game. Know what isn’t simple? Figuring out the bloody answers. Each question and its potential answers come across as nonsensical, made up rubbish. Except they aren’t… 90% of the time. Take question #10 for example:


Now you’re probably thinking, “ew who would want to eat a pen, or an eyeball? None of these are food!” You’re absolutely right. The solution stems from simply saying “choose food”. Say it with me… “chews food”… oh, the answer is obviously the teeth! Many of the questions have solutions only found via the sort of twisted logic demonstrated above.

Then there’s this asshole of a question…


… what? I got it right the first time via a lucky guess. I’m not giving you anything though, figure it out for yourself!

How far can you get in the quiz? My furthest so far is to question 45 (edit: now 53). Can you reach the end? Are you smarter than people give you credit for? Find all these answers and more by clicking right here (or here) and trying it out for yourself (WITHOUT GOOGLING ANY OF THE ANSWERS).


P.S Geoff hates this game so much… so so very much. Is it because he sucks at maths? Who knows!

Last Updated: June 3, 2015

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