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Work on FFXIII for Xbox 360 hasn't even started

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ffxiii1 Yep you read right, Square Enix has been so busy working on the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII that they haven’t even started development of the Xbox 360 version.

“For development, the PS3 version is currently being worked on,” producer Yoshinori Kitase siad in an interview with Kikizo.

“We’re going to complete that version first before we move onto the 360. We’re at the state where we can put the build on a [Blu-ray disc] and play them on our testing units.”

Which raises another question, just how many discs will the Xbox 360 version span over?

My guess would be 4.

When asked about how he felt about what some gamers are calling a “betrayal” by going multiformat with FFXIII Kitase had this to say.

“I’d rather they not think of this as a “betrayal” or disappointment. It’s not like we’re canceling or delaying the PS3 version at all! It’s more of an added bonus for 360 fans. We won’t be putting them at a disadvantage in any way.”

He also added “I think that maybe because it’s going multiplatform that some fans are worried about the game’s scope being reduced to fit onto both consoles. The fact is, the PS3 version is what’s in development right now, and the team is working to specialise that version to the very best of the PS3’s abilities. After that, we’ll do the 360 port and optimize it to that particular hardware. There will be no decrease in quality as a result of the game appearing across two platforms.”

From the video’s we’ve seen so far the game is looking stunning, let’s hope that last statement holds true for fans of both consoles. It’s going to be interesting to see if a clear winner does emerge at the end of the day or if Square Enix are going to be the first developers to deliver a game on both next gen systems that have no differences.

Source: kikizo

Last Updated: November 28, 2008

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