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World Reminder: Games are supposed to be FUN

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[WARNING: Excessive use of bad language and violence against common household items]

Anyone who has had a taste of online gaming will know that there are some seriously strange people out there. Join any American game however and you will usually be treated to an absolute barrage of high-pitched, whiny, disrespectful little monsters who do nothing but scream and shout about how they are going to own you and how everytime you owned them was only because of lag, luck or a whatever else they can think of.

I have posted a video after the jump that is not what I would call “office friendly” as it involves a young american kid who has possibly the worst anger management problem that I have ever seen and his language will not impress your boss, so you have been warned.

It really got me wondering about these kids, at the risk of sounding like all of our parents I ask: What has happened to the kids of today?

I have grown tired of online players who will do anything to win, at the expense of actually enjoying the experience. I cannot lie, I hope their consoles catch fire. The video and more of my issues after the jump.

The guy above might seem a little familiar to you, it’s because there was a previous video up a while back of him playing Halo 3. Never in your life will you ever see someone getting so angry with a game.

Why in the hell are these kids losing it so easily? Games are supposed to be about having fun but it seems that so many people have just gotten so obsessed with proving their amazing skills that the concept of gaming for fun seems to be lost altogether.

It’s a sad day to see a young person having such an incredibly bad time with a game when we all know that we should all be relaxing and enjoying it. What is funny is that in this one gaming session, this dude just absolutely destroys half of his room.

He spills coke, further breaks his headset, cracks his Halo 3 poster and in what must be the most amazing moment of self-pwnage, actually manages to get the microphone of his headset shoved halfway down his throat (See it to believe it – 5min 18 secs in).

It is actually quite hilarious how someone so teeny can pull off an angry voice that belongs in the ring of a WWE match.

It is almost getting to the point that something needs to be done about it. The worst part is that most of the annoying and overly vulgar people haven’t even made it to highschool yet (So much for age-restrictions). I myself have been having some frustration problems with control schemes and online issues with some of the more recent games but to take it out like these guys do is utterly ridiculous. We all need to relax a little.

The truth is that too many people are concerned about winning and not enough about having fun. This sort of play is getting out of hand to the point that there are a few games that I have at the moment that I am playing online with public international matches because I am so tired of the guys who want nothing but to win, that I would rather suffer with a second of lag and play with a bunch of Japanese folks who just want to have some fun.

It really does make a statement that I would rather play with people that I don’t understand, with a second of lag, rather than have to sit through round after round of players who only use cheap tactics, camping and assorted other methods so that they can top the scoreboards. Thanks to all of those people, I just stopped playing a lot of the games that I really enjoyed and have now resorted to only playing with close friends that I know I can relax with.

What makes matters worse is that the ranked/unranked system is changing slowly. A lot of recent games are switching over to the public/private system, which is quite different. It means that if I want to play online with random people, I don’t get to choose between the hardcore no-fun bunch or the relaxed games just trying to have some fun.

So the next time you are playing a game and being a douche-bag, try to remember that it’s all about having fun. If your concept of fun is sitting in a corner surrounded by trip mines, up a hill with a sniper rifle and every sort of cheap trick you can think of to get to the top of the scoreboards, then you need to have a slap sent your way because nobody likes it and no one will go to be thinking about how cool you are.

People need to get over this leaderboard crap and remember to have some fun.

Last Updated: December 3, 2008

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