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World War Z developer, Saber Interactive, will be working on Killing Floor 2

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I wouldn’t say I’m an expert on zombie games, but back when I played a good deal of World War Z earlier this year I was pretty sure Saber Interactive made a damn fine one. Satisfying, violent, pretty tough and with an admittedly under-baked progression system, World War Z was some of the most fun I’ve had in a co-op shooter since Left 4 Dead 2. It’s a great zombie game and the developers clearly proved that they have the wherewithal to create a fine experience so it would make sense that Killing Floor 2 developer Tripwire Interactive would reach out to Saber and start a collaboration on their own co-op zombie shooter.

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Announced in a lengthy blog post yesterday, Tripwire revealed that Saber Interactive will be working alongside the original development studio to create “future features and content” for Killing Floor 2:

“Over the past year, we conducted an exhaustive search of development studios and Saber Interactive prove themselves to have the right technical and creative skillset that gelled well with Killing Floor 2’s identity and gameplay. Our internal team will still be heavily involved in guiding the design and intent for the updates as we work together so that we maintain a consistently high-quality bar that our community expects,” said David Amata, product lead for Killing Floor 2.


Over and above the inclusion of Saber Interactive as working alongside Tripwire, Amata also posted that players will be able to become involved in the development process going forward:

We have a full slate of maps, weapons, and more that we’ve been planning that we think you’ll be excited for but as we did last year we want to see what you would like to see and how you feel about the overall state of the game. Here’s the link for where you can submit your feedback and suggestions.

Amata explained that the survey will be up until the end of 2019.


Killing Floor 2 was released around three years ago and is still, in my mind, one of the most fun co-op shooter experiences on the market. The game has received a constant string of DLC and free content updates that have added new weapons, maps, zombies a whole load of other stuff into the mix. It’s a great game and one that will no doubt benefit from having the team that created the (actually good) adaption of World War Z, working on fleshing it out even further behind the scenes.

Last Updated: December 19, 2019

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