Worst Gaming Rooms / Man Caves in the world

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I get pretty upset with my wife that she won’t let me change the lounge into an all out theatre with cinema seating, 60″ HDTV and surround sound that will lift the neighbours roof off. The answer most commonly given is a mumbling “%$*!ing child” and less attention for the next couple of hours.

However even I am heartbroken for the following gamers out there who have to play their games in the most depressing circumstances.

sad 00

Hey at least he’s inventive

I don’t think this is what Sony had in mind when they designed the PS3

sad setup4

When Geoff grows up he wants to upgrade from a towel to a cushion

Check through the link for some more sad gaming rooms and remember to be a little more thankful the next time you are gaming on your HDTV or reasonably sized SDTV.

Source: Wiiland.com

Last Updated: February 10, 2017

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Q121

    Its good to see rave sux 🙂

  • If a dude came up to me with that pic of a 360 outputting to the PSone screen at a traffic light, I’d give money. In a heartbeat.

  • Faheem

    :sick: Actually man that does bring a reasonable amount of cheer to my heart… then again other peoples’ mysteries always do. 😆

  • bokka1

    That portable DVD player is actually a great idea. I can use it when I braai outside.

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