"WOW" Fit – A really funny gaming experiment

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This video is nothing short of hilarious and really makes you think about the kind of exercise that your character has to keep up with in order to move your sorry ass around the world.

What these two guys have done is link up two treadmills to their computers running the MMO game “World of Warcraft” or “WOW” for short and programmed them to convert their treadmill running into forward key pulses, so that their real life running is converted into in-game running.

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What they do is then embark on a fairly common journey in the game world from one area to another to experiment with how much exercise it actually is to take a jog around the world. The results are quite startling and it really makes you realise just how much it would actually take out of you to run all over the place and that doesn’t even include any combat!

I really take my hat off to these guys for thinking of this idea as it’s really very interesting as well as funny. Maybe we will start seeing peripherals like this when the next generation of gaming consoles arrive.

Or not.

source: Videogaming247

Last Updated: August 27, 2008

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