Wrath of the Machine will be a less technical raid in Destiny: Rise of Iron

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I cannot stand the King’s Fall raid in Destiny: The Taken King. Not because it’s bad mind you, but because it’s just so damn challenging. And at the same time, I’d be properly disappointed if it wasn’t. While the original Destiny raid, Vault of Glass, laid the groundwork for these encounters the follow-up sequel Crota’s End was a bit of an easy challenge.

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It gathered a fair share of criticism from Destiny fans for that lack of technical precision needed, something that developer Bungie decided to fix with the hard as nails King’s Fall raid that I’ll one day, one day finally succeed at completing. For anyone who has played that raid, you know exactly what I’m talking about. A mission that lasts hours, is devious, tricky and if any member of your team stuffs up at any point then a checkpoint reset is cycled in.

It’s like the morning after on the toilet after having eaten an entire tray of adamantium burritos: So damn tough to pass.

Wrath of the Machine however, will be a bit less technical, emphasising individual player light levels instead of nailing precise feats to help survive it. It’s still going to be a challenge however, as lead raid designer Gavin Irby explained to Game Informer via Destructoid:

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It’s hard. It’s largely a function of what your light level is versus the raid. King’s Fall has this property of where even if you’re over-leveling the mechanics don’t get easier so it still maintains this high difficulty, which at the time we felt was a virtue because people specifically wanted it and had been asking for it, and I think maybe now the community might be ready for something a little different that they can actually overlevel and get some mastery over.

Like how mechanical do we want to get? It’s been my goal for each raid to push the boundary in some direction and explore a new space. For example, for Crota’s End, it was very much like let’s explore action, let’s explore the idea of just basic superhero action – Indiana Jones, swinging swords, all these kind of action tropes.

And then with King’s Fall we really wanted to push the boundaries of mechanics, and I felt like Vault of Glass is sort of like raid middle school. Now it’s like, ‘let’s do raid high school and raid college, you know?’ Let’s take a higher level class and sort of see what we can do with it. That feels like sort of the limit that I want to go in that direction so. It’s always like what is some new way of looking at the raid experience with some new lens.

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The biggest challenge with these raids is always nailing that sweet spot between actual challenge and feeling like a legend. It’s a balance that Vault of Glass managed to brilliantly achieve, while King’s Fall made me rage at my TV every time Golgoroth smashed my face into atoms and threw me into the wind. Hopefully Wrath of the Machine can find that balance between difficulty and joy, to deliver a raid that you want to revisit over and over again.

Last Updated: August 24, 2016

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