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WWE 2K18 may be the most broken wrestling game to date

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It doesn’t take much to make a good wrestling game. Just give me a comprehensive system within which to scan Geoff’s face into a punchable wrestler, a lengthy career mode and the trendiest superstars on the roster today and I’m happier than Vince McMahon at a bodybuilding contest. While previous WWE games may not have lived up to the highs of…wow, I don’t even know which game to insert there, they’ve been consistently terrible lately.

…Anyway, WWE games as of late have at least been solid in their execution. Love or loathe each new annual entry, but you can at least bank on them running Vinny Mac’s digital house of Slams without dropping a beat. WWE 2K18 may be the exceptional exception to that rule. Dropping tomorrow, publisher 2K Games and developer Yukes have been talking up how this year’s entry will undo the wrongs of every game before it.

WWE 2K18 was positioned as the next big thing. The reinvention of a franchise, Midway’s WWF Arcade reborn or something! Instead, it may just be more broken than Matt Hardy. Check this video from NL Live for a taste of the botches to come:

It gets…even worse. Over on NeoGAF is a lengthy thread detailing numerous glitches and broken gameplay. Here are a few gems from it:

I was already WWE Champion when I won Money in The Bank so I cashed it in for a laugh and it was against myself… I ended up controlling both characters.

At one scripted moment, you’re convincing another wrestler to be your partner, but instead, your rival comes out and cuts a promo asking why they should be your partner instead.

Money in the Bank objectives are glitched. It tells you to do a move off the ladder, but only an special ladder move will work. If you haven’t bought that skill with VC, you’re SOL and can’t progress.


I’m busy downloading WWE 2K18 right now, which happens to be a staggering 50 gigglebytes give or take in size. And there isn’t even a day one patch to go with it yet. I’m taking the glitches above with a pinch of salt, but if my own personal journey through WWE 2K18 echoes what other people have experienced above, then we might just be looking at the worst game there ever was, the worst game there is and the worst game that there ever will be.


Last Updated: October 16, 2017

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