X Rebirth still in labour pains

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So, last week I told you that X Rebirth launched on Steam. It was supposed to be a fully simulated space economy with fleet warfare. So much awesome design, built to usurp Eve Online’s position. Well, that isn’t happening just yet.

While Egosoft is trying very hard to fix their game, the fact of the matter is that X Rebirth is broken. The game is known to crash on start up on some systems, plot missions are known to fail and save reloads can die at the 70-80% loading – the list goes on and on. Over on the Egosoft forum, they are listing known issues with possible fixes, yet most problems are still active even after they released a patch to try to fix them. In fact, the latest patch broke the trading system. For a game that’s supposed to be based on a fully simulated space economy, that’s a rather large problem. Seriously, look at this list of just some of their known issues.

  • Unacceptably poor fps on a system meeting the game requirements
  • Lower right hand info panel covered with static
  • Capital ships lack usable docking bays
  • Keyboard hotkeys and control keys cannot be reconfigured in-game
  • Loss of control functions randomly or on load
  • Ending up miles from anywhere or crashing on Highway exit

Considering the $50 price tag, it seems that you may want to wait on this purchase. Hopefully Egosoft will be able to fix the myriad problems, but in the meantime, it does not seem to be worth the aggravation.

Thanks Jacques for the tip!

Last Updated: November 26, 2013

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