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Xboss Phil Spencer says Elden Ring is FromSoft’s ‘most ambitious’ game to date

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Elden Ring

Sony’s kicking off its PlayStation 5 era with a remake of Demon’s Souls, but it’s not the next-gen console manufacturer on the block that has a FromSoftware RPG as an attention-grabber. Announced a while back, Microsoft’s also venturing into those die-and-try-again waters with Elden Ring, a game that is being headed up legendary developer Hidetaka Miyazaki and features some world-building lore from celebrated pirate George Arr Arr Martin. I think, I’m not big on fantasy.

Speaking to GameSpot, Xboss Phil Spencer quickly spoke about the game and what he has has seen so far of the mysterious title that has been kept closely under wraps since it was announced. “I’ve seen actually quite a bit. I’ve played quite a bit,” Spencer said.

As somebody who’s played all of Miyazaki’s games over at least the last decade, this is clearly the most ambitious game that he’s done. I mean, y’know, I love his games, but seeing some of the gameplay mechanics stuff that he’s tackling, he and the team are tackling this time, [seeing] the setting, working with another creator in terms of story… I love it. I love seeing him challenging himself, he’s a good friend of mine, expanding his horizons, I think it’s a good thing.

Here’s the real takeaway from this interview: Whenever someone plays a game that he’s working on, Miyazaki exits the room. “When he has me play, I go over, he has to leave the room. I think that’s because I’m a bad player, and then when he comes back we’ll have a conversation about things that I think. He’s so passionate about what he does. It’s one of the things I just love about getting to work with him on some of these games and seeing them come to our platform,” Spencer said.

Its been a full year since Elden Ring hit the scene, and fans are naturally losing their marbles waiting for updates. For more on the game, here’s a link that’ll direct you to our hub that reveals everything we know about the game so far. I promise it’s not a ruse meant to elicit a quick chuckle.

Last Updated: November 12, 2020

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