Xbox 360 and Mac play nice

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Over at there is a long write up on how the Xbox 360 and Apple products can work very nicely together.

I currently own a total 0 zero Apple products but I do know their popularity in South Africa is growing so I thought it would be good to post the link to the site.

It was not my purpose to review the Xbox 360 so I have discussed neither gaming nor downloadable HD movie and TV shows. That said, and I don’t want to get in any fights about this, at this time the Xbox 360 clearly has the strongest library of next generation games (a year head start on the PS3 will do that, and it’s not entirely clear, as much as I want one, that the Wii even properly counts as next-gen). As this guide has shown, the Xbox 360 and the Mac make a very complimentary pair.

Link to TUAW Guide: Xbox 360 and Mac – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

Last Updated: April 17, 2007

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