Xbox 360 buttons in PS3 version of Rainbow 6

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Xbox 360 button in PS3 game

Shame I actually feel for these developers. Every single thing they do is closely monitored and scrutinised and as soon as they make a mistake it is plastered all over the Internet.

But hey that’s what we are here for so lets get at it… It seems like the guys who made the PS3 version of Rainbow 6 have been caught doing a little cut and paste coding, if you boot up your PS3 version and head on over to the outfitting room you may catch a quick glance of a blue circle with an X inside… Instead of the expected square.

Does it make a difference to anything, no… does it imply that the 360 was the lead platform… yes

Playstation Network @ Home: Xbox 360 ” X ” button in Rainbow Six Vegas 2 on the PS3 ?!?!

Last Updated: April 3, 2008

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