Xbox 360 could beat PS3 in Folding

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Well here is a new take on the opportunity for [email protected] on the Xbox 360. 

It is widely accepted that the PS3’s cell processor is much better at crunching the required data for folding than the 360’s and that it the main reason for it not appearing on the 360. They don’t like losing..

However over at the Inquirer they are speculating about whether or not the Xbox 360’s GPU could actually be better at processing scalar units than the cell processor…

I personally don’t know enough about these sorts of things to give an educated opinion but I do know that if this is true and the Xbox 360 gets folding and beats the PS3 people are really going to start asking some difficult questions about this cell processor….

Link to Xbox 360 could beat PS3 in Folding

Last Updated: May 11, 2007

Gavin Mannion

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