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Xbox 360 – Elite Is Taking Over From The Pro – Price Drop Incoming

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Just recently we posted a rumour that Microsoft were possibly going to be dropping the Xbox 360 Pro altogether, leaving only the Arcade and Elite SKU’s behind.

Well it seems like the rumour has become a reality as anyone looking at the image above will see that an upcoming catalogue from a company called Meijer has already created the artwork for Xbox 360 Elites at Pro prices.

The best part is that the price drop is right around the corner.

This means that anyone who buys a new Xbox 360 will be given the wonderful gift of the 120GB hard drive, that I so dearly need right now. The other good news is that this catalogue dates the price drop for the end of August, so it really is just a few weeks away.

While I am happy about all of this, I must ask… Can I still get it in white?

(We still don’t have official confirmation from Microsoft though and in the case that this is some sort of bad-ass typo, we will keep this one filed under “rumour”.)

Image and Source: The Ninjas from Kotaku

Last Updated: August 13, 2009

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