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Xbox 360 Kinect vs PS3 Move Sales

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Last week we reported on how the Xbox 360 Kinect has become the fastest selling technology device ever, overtaking the iPad and one of the questions in the comments was around how well the PS3 Move is doing.

At the time I mentioned that we didn’t have figures but my guess is that it is outselling the Kinect but seeing that you can reasonably own 4 Move’s per PS3 compared to the 1 Kinect for Xbox 360 then you couldn’t really compare.

Well I had it wrong.

It’s not fair to compare simply because the Kinect would need to sell around 4 times more than the Move to outstrip it in sales numbers which isn’t entirely fair… and yet that is exactly what appears to be happening.

According to Michael Pachter, who has revealed NPD figures for Move and Kinect bundles only one in every 5 new PS3’s sold comes bundled with a Move device of sorts while over 66% of all Xbox 360 units are now shipping with a Kinect.

Unfortunately we don’t have specific figures but seeing that the Xbox 360 is outselling the PS3 (in America at least) and it is being bundled more often with a Kinect we can assume the exact sales figures would be quite close and the penetration is far greater for the Kinect.

Source: VG247

Last Updated: March 14, 2011

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