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Xbox 360 outsells the original Xbox

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Microsoft has announced that the 360 has just surpassed the original Xbox in total sales. What this basically means is that the 360 has now sold over 25 million units which also means the analysts are a couple of million off and we can expect to see some huge sales figures coming out of NPD for November.

With the PS3 just passing 17 million in sales we can see that it is still 8 million behind which implies that it hasn’t caught up any ground what so ever since it’s belated launch, a fact that Sony will not be including in their next press release.

You can expect to see a lot of smiles floating around Redmond in December and unless something goes very wrong for Microsoft I just cannot see Sony overtaking them before January 2010 at the earliest. If you had offered that to Microsoft before the release of the 360 they would have grabbed it with both hands however now you know they want and expect more.

Sony have to be wondering how they went from being the undisputed leader to fighting for second spot and losing.

Source: MCVUK and Joystiq for the awesome image

Last Updated: November 25, 2008

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