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Xbox 360 Premium takes Core place at R2599?

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Black Xbox 360 Man this rumour just won’t die will it… It actually seems to be picking up pace.

The “official rumour” now is that the Core will be dropped completely and the Premium will replace the Core in pricing… Yes R2600 for a Premium awesome.

Microsoft will also be offering a new black (why?) Xbox 360 with HDMI and a 120Gb HDD. Which I presume they need for IPTV in the future. This box will cost around the same as the current premium possibly slightly more. R4000?

Also more Halo news, it will most probably be released in November this year, I don’t think that is a shock to anyone really though is it?

With the PS3 being released here in the next 2 weeks and the rumours of a large price drop for the Xbox 360 at the same time this is a good time to hold off before buying one.

Before continuing, let us emphasize that, pending Microsoft confirmation, the information below is strictly rumor territory. However, we wouldn’t post it unless we had some good reasons for believing the info to be authentic, so here it is: the Core pack will be canceled, the Premium will drop to 299 euro, the black HDMI-supporting 360 will be launched this May, and finally Halo 3 will hit stores right before Christmas 2007. Too good to be true? Read on!

Source: Xboxic » Xbox 360 Premium takes Core place at 299?

Last Updated: March 13, 2007

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