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Xbox 360 Price Drop: Is this the end of Sony's reign?

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As many of you will already know, Sony is not only pushing next-generation technology forwards with the PS3 but is also still enjoying the incredible success of the Playstation 2.

The Playstation 2 is still incredibly popular worldwide due to it’s low price and vast library of games. Today however, there is a story buzzing around N4G that brings up the question of whether or not the Xbox 360 price drop will bump the PS2 off of it’s throne.

With the Xbox 360 Arcade SKU now dropping to the magic price of $199.99, only slightly more expensive than the PS2, one can clearly see why a consumer would be tempted to go pick up the next-gen console instead. Add to the fact that the Xbox 360 is now boasting a decent library of games as well and you may just have a winner.

Maybe it isn’t as simple as it sounds. You see, there are two main factors that need to be taken into account. The reliabilty of the Xbox 360 and that behemoth known to the world of casual gaming as the Nintendo Wii.

The concern over the Xbox 360’s reliability is very real. The news has spread and casual consumers are aware of the problems that have plagued the console since its launch. When a parent is standing in a store, deciding which unit to purchase for their child’s birthday/christmas present, the idea of a troublesome console that may cause extra time and effort in the future is more than enough reason for the them to rather play it safe and go for the PS2 instead.

Now we get to the Nintendo Wii. It’s fun, it’s family friendly and all the people on the posters look really, really happy. “Wow”, the parent may think, “At least this will get little John/Jane off of the couch a little bit and maybe we can play as well, you know, like family time”. There has been a lot of speak about how Nintendo Wii’s are selling like hotcakes but are then left to collect dust after a month. Truth is, what does that matter when someone is standing in a store armed with a credit card.

The coming price drop for the Xbox 360 is definitely going to tilt things in Microsoft’s favour and could possibly dethrone the PS2 as the next long term, wallet-considerate gaming console but with the PS2 still boasting a huge game library and the Nintendo Wii capturing the hearts and wallets of parents and children alike, I am not too sure that we are going to be seeing any definitive results just yet.

Is the Xbox 360 going to be the PS2 of this generation? To be honest, I think it’s still way too early to tell. With the PS3 still coming in at a significantly higher price than Microsoft’s cheapest option, I decided to leave it out of the fight, for now.

If the price of the PS3 drops in future and has the features that the average gamer’s parent will be attracted to, then we may just see it stepping in to snatch the crown. Sony will need to get moving though as the $199.99 price tag on the Xbox 360 will appeal to consumers, especially because it’s a next-gen HD console and if Microsoft get too much of a headstart then Sony may just not be able to catch up in time.

Let the games begin.

source: pwnamon.co.uk

Last Updated: August 5, 2008

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