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Xbox 360 Sales Surge in Japan

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Tales of Vesperia

Lets get those horrible facts out of the way first. The Xbox 360 is still tanking in Japan and has no chance of overtaking either the PS3 or Wii in the land of the rising sun.

However it has become noticeable over the past few weeks that the 360 is improving in Japan and people are now wondering why that is? The majority of the stories I see say the main reason for the 360 not doing well in Japan is that they Japanese are a very nationalistic race and don’t like the idea of buying an American product.

Honestly I agree with that as why would you want to buy an imported product when your own country is making a perfectly good (if not better) option?

However the thing about the consoles is that it’s all about the games and when you see over 200 Japanese people lining up for a 360 game then you start to think that maybe, just maybe, Microsoft finally has that Japanese RPG (Tales Of Vesperia) it has always wanted.

Xbox 360 sales have increased for the fourth consecutive week now in Japan rising from a miniscule 3,807 units to a now slightly less miniscule 6,028 units. Which is around 35 000 less than the Wii. However it’s only 4000 less than the PS3 which must be making Sony twitch just a little bit.

The latest release of Soul Calibur for the Xbox 360 also managed to sell around 35 000 units in Japan which gives us some idea on the size of the active base over there.

So like I said right in the beginning, I don’t expect Microsoft to beat anyone in Japan in this generation but if they can continue sales like this they may have a decent platform to jump off when they get to the next generation.

Source: Gamer.Blorge

Last Updated: August 11, 2008

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