Xbox 360 sales up 100% after price drop

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Bloomberg reports that since Microsoft introduced the price drop to its Xbox 360 console range, sales have doubled compared to that of last weekend. Not only for the Arcade console which now retails at $199.00, but for the Pro and Elite consoles as well.

When we previously speculated that the price drop would boost sales, many stated that the price point is not important enough to make a significant difference to consumers purchasing decision.

Well the numbers are clearly stating the opposite, with the sales boost being more than significant and also putting a Microsoft console at a lower price point that the Nintendo Wii for the first time.

Is the PS3 in trouble?

While the Nintendo Wii is still the definite leader in the console wars and ahead by miles, the fight for second place as the best selling HD console still continues between the PS3 and the Xbox 360.

If the boost brought about by the price drop continues into the Christmas season, Microsoft can look forward to a whole lot of sales. At the same time the PS3 has been outselling the Xbox 360 for a couple of months now and its lineup is looking incredibly appealing to say the least, not to mention all the families who may be interested in a new Blu-Ray player for the house.

The upcoming season is going to be a real fight to the death as the two console manufacturers go head to head for market supremacy.

source: Bloomberg

Last Updated: September 11, 2008

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