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Xbox 360 slim?

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Iimages there a new Xbox 360 about to be announced?

The latest unsubstantiated rumour is that we are going to be seeing a Xbox 360 slim, with a 1TB HDD, Blu-Ray drive and a combined GPU/CPU…

Would a Wii sized Xbox 360 be of interest to anyone really? One of the things I don’t like about the Wii is it’s insanely small size. It just looks odd next to the normal home entertainment devices.

I can see a reason for a 1TB drive IF we are going to be getting digitally distributed games, but honestly if we are paying over a grand for a 20GB how much is a 1TB going to be?

The Blu-Ray drive will be in the next version if Blu-Ray hits mass market but I doubt we will ever see one inside a Xbox 360..

Maxconsole normally only posts substantiated rumours so maybe they are onto something?

Source: Maxconsole

Last Updated: July 9, 2008

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