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Xbox 360 Will Beat PS3 This Christmas

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Microsoft UK are confident of winning this holiday seasons battle against the PS3 due to its current strong position.

These customers like the fact that they don?t have to foot the bill for a load of technology they don?t need. It means we can gain access to a type of consumer that PlayStation 3 cannot

Sony’s attempt to sneak a Blu-Ray player into everyone’s home has always been one of the most dangerous moves and the longer the HD-DVD / Blu-Ray war goes on the worse it is for Sony.

We are now coming up on the second Christmas season for the PS3 and people are now less sure about Blu-Ray than they where last year. I think many of us expected Blu-Ray to be dominant by now.

Once again though the Wii is most probably going to clean up, if you can find one that is..

Microsoft: Xbox 360 Will Beat PS3 Because Of Stronger Position at Portable Planet

Last Updated: September 3, 2007

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