Xbox 360 will outperform PS3 in software for years

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Don Mattrick It looks like Microsoft’s E3 success has gone to their head as Microsoft’s Don Mattrick gloats about how well it did and how it is going to stay ahead of the PS3 for the foreseeable future.

He was chatting about how the Xbox still has the most 90+ reviews on metacritic and how he can’t see that it will be overtaken in any near future.

But the way he does it smacks of the arrogance that I have never enjoyed, he is right though as the 360 has consistently topped the PS3 and Wii in regards to software quality.

“You look at aggregated reviews from around the world – you go onto Metacritic – and count the number of 90-rated titles on our platform, compare that to Wii, compare that to PlayStation 3: there is no comparison”

He also takes a moment to praise his team by saying that they have been working hard for the whole year and had an entire 12 months of productivity, while Sony may have been on an extended vacation.

I can only guess that they didn’t take this stance before E3 as they didn’t know what PS3 had up their sleeve, but he must be careful as I still don’t think Sony has unveiled their hand.


Last Updated: July 25, 2008

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