Xbox boss on Street Fighter PS4 exclusivity

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Phil Spencer seems to be doing a good job of running the Xbox brand. I’ve been impressed by things he’s said, and he makes some valid points. Now he has responded to the Street Fighter V PS4 exclusivity deal and it certainly makes sense.

Over on twitter, Phil Spencer was asked what he thought of SF5 being exclusive to PS4 and PC. Here is his response:

Consider what Geoff explained yesterday about how Sony is probably (at least partially) bankrolling Street Fighter, it makes sense that Xbox would make this decision. Not only is Street Fighter a competition to them, but Killer Instinct should be satisfying that demographic. It’s not, but that doesn’t mean that Microsoft can afford to just invest money in all the games across all genres. They need to pick their tactics, and it probably makes more sense for them to lose out on a few million sales rather than throw money towards two titles that will be competing for players. As Spencer says, it’s just business.

While I hate exclusives when they mean that I miss out on cool titles, they do make a whole bunch of sense. Otherwise, the only reason to buy one console over another is simply price… and controller, and operating system, and brand loyalty, and resolution. Okay, so it being all about the games isn’t really true when it comes to which console you choose to buy, but they still make a whole bunch of good business sense. Here’s hoping that Xbox retaliates with another cool game announcement exclusively on Xbox One, and we can all rant and rave about whether this is a good thing or not. Either way, it shows the competitive nature of the business and proves that Phil Spencer can yet against say cool things in the face of possible PR nightmares.

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Last Updated: December 9, 2014

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