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Xbox boss Phil Spencer on the $7.5 billion ZeniMax deal: "Our Plan Is To Leave It Alone”

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Yesterday’s bombshell announcement of Microsoft buying ZeniMax for so much damn money and by extension, Bethesda and all of its delicious game studios, was nothing short of pure big dick energy from the house of Xbox. For $7.5 billion, Microsoft has now purchased outright ownership of the likes of Doom, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls, transforming their gaming brand into a powerhouse for western RPGs…right?

The concern here, is that Bethesda’s good work will soon receive a knock on the door from a Microsoft-branded pencil counter, demanding changes be made to beloved games. “Why aren’t you charging players a dollar per glory kill and offering them 20 gory finishers for $15 in DOOM Eternal,” the bean counter will demand. Another will rock up in an Xbox Series AT-AT, demanding that Elder Scrolls 6 feature more horse armour. More. MORE!

If those are the random thoughts that you’ve been having because you eat a brick of Gouda cheese before going to be, fret not! Xboss Phil Spencer recently appeared on CNBC via GameSpot to talk about the major acquisition, and when asked if Microsoft would be making some cha-cha-changes, Spencer replied, “Our plan is to leave it alone.”

ZeniMax has an amazing track record of building great games. Our goal is to make ZeniMax the best ZeniMax they can be. Working individually with their studios on the great platform technology that we have and getting their creators’ feedback into the things we need to go build, that’s just a critical flywheel for us.

For now, it’s business as usual for Bethesda. Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo will still appear on PlayStation 5, with Spencer commenting that “the commitments we’ve already made with the gamers out there, for games people know about, we will continue with those commitments.” Beyond those deals, the future looks bright.

Not only will Starfield and The Elder Scrolls 6 be Xbox Game Pass day one downloads, but Microsoft now has the likes of Arkane, Id Software, and MachineGames on its payroll. That, and I am legitimately excited about being able to grab the remastered version of Skyrim on my Xbox One soon, when the Game Pass library updates itself.

Last Updated: September 22, 2020

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