Xbox Games on Demand : Region Locked

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The Xbox Live Games on Demand Service – Which requires a credit card, automatically excluding us – allows you to download digital copies of classic retail games. What it doesn’t cater for though is digital importing, as it’s been confirmed that IP-based restrictions are in place, meaning you can’t download the delightful Japanese launch games (Bullet Witch? Yay!) unless you live there. If you live in [insert area that isn’t Japan] and wanted to become a hot-shot producer with [email protected], I’m afraid you’re out of luck. Should you try, you’ll be greeted with the now all-too-familiar “This item isn’t available in your location” message.

This is the 21st century and we’re living in an extended global village. I’m glad at least one of the big three (Here’s to you, Sony!) have realised that region restrictions – barring certain licensing issues – are unnecessary.

Last Updated: August 13, 2009

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