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Xbox giving free games for a day?

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Oh we all love to rag on Games with Gold, don’t we? It’s endlessly compared to PS Plus and people enjoy calling Xbox out on having a lame program. But now they might be offering a free day to play games. Maybe.

Picked up on Reddit (thanks VideoGamer) there’s this screenshot showing “Free Play Day with Gold”.

Play day with gold

While this offer doesn’t seem to be universally available just yet, twitter seems to indicate that this is a plan:

This could be a really nice feature for Gold members. With demos rapidly becoming a thing of the past, a free play day would be an excellent way to see if a game is actually worth your money. I’m sure that they will be rather choosy with which games get this program, probably going for longer games rather than those that can be finished during the free play day. That said, it’s an excellent mechanism – if I know that I can play a game for free for a day, I can give myself time to play it and decide if it’s something I’d want for more than just that one day.

If this becomes a normal addition to the existing Games with Gold program, Xbox might give PlayStation a real run for their money. Gamers are already hesitant when it comes to forking out cash for monthly subscriptions – we want to feel like it’s worth the money. I have a ton of awesome games thanks to PlayStation Plus, and even a few cool ones thanks to Games with Gold. This offering might finally tip the scales in favor of Gold.

Last Updated: August 21, 2014

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