Xbox head: E3 more about first party titles

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Phil spencer

E3 is all about the spectacle of gaming. Stands are bigger than most people can imagine and every studio and publishers goes as over the top as they can to try to “win”. No where is this more apparentl than during the press conference gauntlet. Microsoft kicks off the day with fanfare, but Sony is usually the most loved thanks to giving starving journalists food and drink. But Phil Spencer has some plans to make E3 special this year.

Everyone’s favourite Xbox exec is quite approachable on twitter. He ended up answering a whole variety of questions (thanks DualShockers) about E3 and other things coming up. First up, we found out that with E3 and Gamescom only 5 weeks apart this year, they are planning both at the same time. But the focus will be 1st party:

Additionally, Xbox will show off more gameplay trailers rather than CGI at E3. Oh this is going to be good. I love seeing all the new stuff at E3, but much of it doesn’t feel like anything worth writing home about if it’s just a CGI trailer for a game that’s far off. This should show a lot more detail about the titles we’re so excited about. Plus, if they’re planning E3 and Gamescom together, here’s hoping that they change what’s on show slightly so that they have new demos and gameplay available across E3 and Gamescom.

Are you starting to get excited for E3 or is it always a disappointment and you don’t want to get your hopes up yet again?

Last Updated: April 20, 2015

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