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Xbox June Games With Gold announced

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Games with gold

Time to get green, with more games that are supposedly free provided that you drop some coins on a monthly or annual subscription service! You’ve already seen what PlayStation has in store for the June edition of PlayStation Plus. Now it’s the turn of Xbox to show off a few free games. And just like the PS Plus offerings, they’re pretty much alright. Not great, but alright.

Xbox One owners get the following games to add to their libraries according to the Xbox Wire:

Massive Chalice


From fan-favourite developer Double Fine Productions. An early Kickstarter success, Massive Chalice is a tactical strategy game set in an epic fantasy world. You step into the shoes of the Immortal Ruler, and your goal is to defeat a mysterious enemy known as the Cadence, in a war that will apparently last 300 years. Yes, that’s a pretty freakin’ long time, but you’ve got plenty of troops to command, marriages to forge, and bloodlines to uphold. An immortal’s gotta keep their multi-generation war machine fit and fresh, after all!

Pool FX

Pool FX

Work the shaft of the cue and smack some balls together using only the tip. – Darryn Bonthuys, before he was fired from his job in overt games PR.

And Xbox 360 owners get the better end of the deal, with Just Cause 2 and Thief. Thief may have been a critical disappointment, but at least it’s a free critical disappointment next month. Ain’t nothing wrong about that. And when it comes to Just Cause 2, I’ve only got one question for you: EXPLOSIONS? It’s an alright selection then this month, with last-gen getting some proper love. Now if July could have a bigger game or two on the list, that’d be quite rad indeed. I wouldn’t mind a free version of Dead Rising 3, ya know.

Last Updated: May 29, 2015

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