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Hey, remember the Xbox Live Summer of Arcade promotional event that ran a while back? It was during the northern hemisphere’s summer, but that didn’t stop us in the southern hemisphere with sneaky, workaround Xbox Live accounts from cashing in. If you bought a certain amount of the games that were included in the Summer of Arcade promotion, then you got Microsoft Points back.

Seeing as summer is now well and truly dead and buried under five feet of snow in the northern hemisphere, I’m guessing it’s safe to say that the Summer of Arcade is over. Not to worry though, because a new one is starting called Games for the Holidays. This time, however, there are no MS Points to be earned back; instead Microsoft’s marketing magicians are enticing lucrative spending sprees with game cross over content.

The Games for the Holidays promotion kicks off towards the end of December 2010. It will feature three games: Raskulls, ilomilo and World of Keflings. Buying all three of them will net you neat little game cross-overs, which seem to be gaining in popularity these days.

For example: by issuing a swift kick to frugality’s nuts and splurging on all three titles, you’ll be able to dress ilo and milo in Kefling outfits, or use a Kefling as a playable character in Raskulls. You’ll also be able to build houses for characters from ilomilo and Raskulls in World for Keflings.

It’s like somebody ripped a hole in Xbox Live’s Parallel Game Universe Barrier! Next thing you know you’ll get Kane and Lynch in Lara Croft and the Guar- oh hang on. Yeah that’s totally happening as well now. Gross.

In related news, ilomilo is totally awesome and worth checking out. You can do so by reading super-secret instructions here.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: December 3, 2010

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