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Xbox LIVE Cloud Services Are Not Up And Running

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You may remember that quite a while back, we posted the news that the Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE would be getting an awesome bunch of features, including cloud storage, which basically means your profile and saves etc. can be synched with online servers.

Yesterday, news started spreading that the service had gone live, but it seemed a little dodgy to us so we decided to hang back for something more concrete.

Turns out that our hunch was correct.

According to a report from Joystiq.com, they received official word from Microsoft that went like this:

“Just confirmed that the [cloud storage] service has not gone live yet. We’ll keep you posted on launch details.” — Microsoft representative.

So… we can’t really tell you much else right now. The service is not live, we will let you know when it does go live and that’s about that.

Source: Joystiq

Last Updated: July 7, 2011

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