Xbox Live Deal of the Week

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It’s Xbox Live Deal of the Week time again, and this time, the wares on offer are quite tempting. After Burner Climax, in particular is a particularly tasty treat for its reduced to 400 MSP price – and you’d have to be pretty averse to arcade flight sims to pass it up at that price.

Megaman 10 – with its retro 8-bit goodness is also more than worth its 400 point asking price. If you were put off Megaman 9’s brutal difficulty, 10 features an easy mode allowing you to keep your sanity, hair and controllers in tact. The less desirable bargains this week are Scrap Metal and Death by Cube, available for 800 and 400 points respectively.

As per usual, these deals are available for this week, and to Gold Members only. Direct Marketplace links after the jump.


  Normal Price Deal Price Savings
Mega Man 10 800 400 50%
Afterburner Climax 800 400 50%
Scrap Metal 1200 800 33%
Death by Cube 800 400 50%


Thanks, Major Nelson

Last Updated: July 6, 2010

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