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Xbox Live Fall Dashboard Update Expected Next Week

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It seems as though there was a rumour flying around the internet yesterday that the new and improved Xbox 360 dashboard update was about to drop.

As we all know by now, that rumour was a big, fat load of Buuwwll-Sheeeuuuut. Some light was shed on the situation however, as one of Microsoft’s Xbox Live Editors Daniel Maher apologised for the rumour and let everyone know that it will be “actually coming sometime in November“.

So that leaves quite a specific gap then.

Kinect will be launching in the U.S. on Thursday the 4th of November which means that the update would have to happen before then. Daniel Maher said it would be coming in November which basically means that it has to come out somewhere between the 1st and 3rd, as dropping the update on launch day is probably not such a hot idea.

Keep checking back for more info and updates on the Xbox Live Fall update.

Last Updated: October 27, 2010

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