Xbox Live is down, hackers claim responsibility

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[Update] It’s mostly back online.

If you’re in South Africa and you’re trying to connect to Xbox Live right now, you have a problem; you’re playing games when you should be working. Right now though, it’s prime night gaming time in the US – and Xbox Live is very much down. The usually rock-solid service is currently on its knees – with that jolly group of hackers (Or script kiddies, if you like) – Lizard Squad – taking credit for its issues.

Many Xbox 360 and Xbox One owners have  been reporting problems with connecting to Xbox Live. Instead of multiplayer fun, consoles are responding with the 80151909 error code, warning that an Xbox Live profile has failed to download when users attempt to sign in. Some are able to sign in and play, with most reporting that it’s just the social features – friends lists and Twitter – that aren’t functioning. While I’ve not attempted signing in on my consoles, attempts to log in on have been fruitless. Lizard Squad is the group that’s taken credit for much of the hacking malarkey of late, with Direct Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on PlayStation ntwork this year, as well as attacks on individual games like Grand Theft Auto 5, League of Legends and Destiny.

They’re also the delightful chaps who claim to have hacked 2K, PSN and other online services, leaking your passwords for your protection as a consumer. They’re doing this for you, guys. They’re also promising much more to come this holiday season,  so expect to spend a lot of time not doing things online.

According to Microsoft’s Xbox support site, there are currently no issues with Xbox Live services or apps.

Last Updated: December 2, 2014

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